CBIR: Content Based Image Retrieval

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در تمام کارهای تحقیقاتی برای اثبات اینکه روش پیشنهادی از سایر روش ها در یک زمینه خاص برتری دارد نیاز به مقایسه و تست الگوریتم و یا روش می باشد برای این منظور پایگاه داده های استانداری تعریف شده که محققان از آنها برای تست سیستم پیشنهادی خود استفاده می نمایند. هر چند دانشگاه ها و موسسات تحقیقاتی دیتا ست هایی را تهیه و در اختیار کاربران قرار می دهند ولی  تعدادی از آنها مدت هاست که استفاده شده و جزء مهمترین دیتا ست های موجود در دنیا محسوب می شوند در این بخش اسامی و آدرس تعدادی از این دیتاست ها که در زمینه های مختلف دارای تصاویر می باشند بیان شده است.

1) Air Freight - The Air Freight data set is a ray-traced image sequence along with ground truth segmentation based on textural characteristics. (455 images + GT, each 160x120 pixels). (Formats: PNG)

2) Annotated face, hand, cardiac & meat images - Most images & annotations are supplemented by various ASM/AAM analyses using the AAM-API. (Formats: bmp,asf) ( Image Analysis and Computer Graphics / Technical University of Denmark)

3) CAVIAR video sequences of mall and public space behavior - 90K video frames in 90 sequences of various human activities, with XML ground truth of detection and behavior classification (Formats: MPEG2 & JPEG) ( Machine Vision Unit / University of Edinburgh)

4) Caltech Image Database - about 20 images - mostly top-down views of small objects and toys. (Formats: GIF)

5) CMU-VASC Sequence Dataset - The goal of the VASC Image Database is to share image data sets with researcheres around the world. To facilitate this, we have created this site, which contains over 5000 images split up over nearly 200 different data sets. We also provide a mechanism by which any one of these 200 sets can be downloaded in either .tgz or .zip forma

6) Computational Colour Constancy Data - A dataset oriented towards computational color constancy, but useful for computer vision in general. It includes synthetic data, camera sensor data, and over 700 images. (Formats: tiff) ( Computational Vision Lab / Simon Fraser University)

7) Content-based image retrieval database - 11 sets of color images for testing algorithms for content-based retrieval. Most sets have a description file with names of objects in each image. (Formats: jpg) ( Efficient Content-based Retrieval Group / University of Washington)

8) Deep Learning Databases - These datasets can be used for benchmarking deep learning algorithms

9) FVC2000 Fingerprint Databases - FVC2000 is the First International Competition for Fingerprint Verification Algorithms. Four fingerprint databases constitute the FVC2000 benchmark (3520 fingerprints in all). ( Biometric Systems Lab / University of Bologna)

10) German Fingerspelling Database - The database contains 35 gestures and consists of 1400 image sequences that contain gestures of 20 different persons recorded under non-uniform daylight lighting conditions. (Formats: mpg,jpg) ( Language Processing and Pattern Recognition / RWTH Aachen University)

11) ICG Testhouse sequence - 2 turntable sequences from ifferent viewing heights, 36 images each, resolution 1000x750, color (Formats: PPM) ( Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision / Graz University of Technology)

12) Image Analysis Laboratory - Images obtained from a variety of imaging modalities -- raw CFA images, range images and a host of "medical images". (Formats: homebrew) ( Image Analysis Laboratory / North Carolina State University)

13) Mammography Image Databases - 100 or more images of mammograms with ground truth. Additional images available by request, and links to several other mammography databases are provided. (Formats: homebrew)

14) NLM HyperDoc Visible Human Project - Color, CAT and MRI image samples - over 30 images (Formats: jpeg)

15) National Design Repository - Over 55,000 3D CAD and solid models of (mostly) mechanical/machined engineerign designs. (Formats: gif,vrml,wrl,stp,sat) ( Geometric & Intelligent Computing Laboratory / Drexel University)

16) The MIT-CSAIL Database of Objects and Scenes - Database for testing multiclass object detection and scene recognition algorithms. Over 72,000 images with 2873 annotated frames. More than 50 annotated object classes. (Formats: jpg) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

17) Traffic Image Sequences and 'Marbled Block' Sequence - thousands of frames of digitized traffic image sequences as well as the 'Marbled Block' sequence (grayscale images) (Formats: GIF) ( IAKS/KOGS / Universitaet Karlsruhe (TH))

18) U Oulu wood and knots database - Includes classifications - 1000+ color images (Formats: ppm)

19) USF Range Image Data with Segmentation Ground Truth - 80 image sets (Formats: Sun rasterimage)

20) University of Oulu Physics-based Face Database - contains color images of faces under different illuminants and camera calibration conditions as well as skin spectral reflectance measurements of each person. ( Machine Vision and Media Processing Unit / University of Oulu)

21) University of Oulu Texture Database - Database of 320 surface textures, each captured under three illuminants, six spatial resolutions and nine rotation angles. A set of test suites is also provided so that texture segmentation, classification, and retrieval algorithms can be tested in a standard manner. (Formats: bmp, ras, xv) ( Machine Vision Group / University of Oulu

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